Setting Up Your Home Entertainment Room

Square rooms typically present big challenges forthe audio system that may be impossible toovercome. So if there’s a possibility to change orspecify room dimensions, think rectangle. Buildingfalse walls on either side of the room usually iswell worth the effort.

Audio bounces around the walls, ceiling, andflooring. Limiting those bounces to control yourhome entertainment room sound.

Use carpets or rugs as opposed to just leavingyour floors bare as tiles and hardwoods bouncethe sound around too much and you’ll end upwith a room sounding like a basketball court.Draperies and other soft materials installed onwalls could also help achieve a better sound.

There are also the ambient sound to keep in mind—outside noises, children playing in other rooms,and even kitchen noises—that can crash in anddestroy your entertainment room audioexperience.

If you can, try to soundproof your room withthese few steps:

Add a second layer of drywall or replace itwith special sound-reducing wallboards.

Replace your common hollow-core doors withsolid wooden doors.

Get thicker curtains which could absorbambient sound.

You’ll also want to be careful with ambient light—natural outdoor light or light from other rooms, asthis will make TV viewing less enjoyable. Try toblock out the light with thick curtains and shades.

Also limit reflective objects. Reflective lightimpedes viewers to enjoy flat screen watching.Go for flatter sheen finishes or matte limit lightbounce and avoid shiny doorknobs, hinges andlight fixtures. Using a dark-colored paint for thewalls and ceilings would also limit light reflection.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll have to avoidlighting altogether. Soffits, rope lights, dimmers,and recessed lights form the backbone of manyhome entertainment rooms. Try to keep the majority, if not all, of these lights behind the viewer toavoid degrading the viewer experience.

Keep your entertainment space simple as well, but ifyou have some piece of art, feel free to hang it upstrategically as to not impede with viewing.

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