How to Pull Off a Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen may be the most important room of our homes. Modern homes have now been starting to be designed with kitchens as living spaces in mind to accommodate our family and friends. And with today’s busy and varied lifestyle, modern kitchens are given much thought than ever so before.

As far as the next biggest trend in kitchen design, two-tone kitchen cabinets are quickly taking over the white-on-white design. A two-tone kitchen cabinet can really change the mood and feel of the kitchen. The combination of a bit of bold with a little bit of neutral will leave you with a unique and inviting kitchen.

Here are some guidelines you can use for your two-tone kitchen cabinet

  1. Keep the focus on the lower cabinets

For two-tone kitchens, you’ll want to keep a darker shade on your base cabinets and a lighter one on top. There are two things that this will achieve:

  • The dark shade on the base cabinets help keep the kitchen space look grounded.
  • The light upper cabinetry reflects more light and draws the eye upwards which will create the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.

You don’t even have to use the traditional black-and-white theme or even the dark colors for that matter. For a bright and roomy kitchen, you can use pastel colors for your lower cabinets like navy blue or light green as your darker shade of the two colors—as long as it provides enough contrast.

  1. Keep the contrasts going

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are all about contrasts. The kitchen won’t stand out as much if the colors blend together—even ruining the concept of the two-tone theme. For one choosing a bold color to go well with a lighter wood looks fantastic. Some homeowners have taken advantage of using white cabinets to go with wood shade to wonderful effect.

The materials and finishes can also make or break a two-tone kitchen cabinet. Having a high-gloss finish on the base cabinets while the light upper cabinets sports a matte texture. A laminate and aluminum combo features a sleek, industrial look.

  1. Create a focal point

The purpose of creating a focal point is to be eye-catching—standing up to the light and bold shades of a two-tone kitchen cabinet. The splash of color can draw the eyes to distinct angles of your kitchen space.

Usually, a kitchen island is picked as the accent of the room, as it is the heart of the kitchen. Making it the focal point will exactly highlight that. Select a bold color for your island to contrast with the finishes of the cabinet.

However, don’t limit yourself to accenting islands. An accented set of cabinets could also work as a focal point of the kitchen.

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When designed well, two-tone cabinets can transform a kitchen. If you’re planning an upgrade, you’ll want to select quality materials and designs that you can enjoy for years to come.

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