Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Moving into a new home and decorating can be exciting, and yet daunting.

How do you make a living space reflect—you? The core of interior design will always be about people and their personality and style. Your space should function in a way that works with how you live your life, and yet still look amazing, because you know you deserve to live in a place that brings you and your family comfort and joy.

It may sound impossible but it can be done. This is where interior designers come in.

“Me? Hire an interior designer?”

Before, it was considered a luxury for interior designers to work, and usually only on those 10-bedroom two-storey white-walled mansions that the average person may see as too out-of-reach for them. But recent trends have interior designers catering for everyone.

Interior decorators are not only for the rich and famous. Here’s why hiring an interior designer may be an amazing decision.

#1 – Save time and money

If you really want to showcase your personal style and for your space to look its absolute best on a budget, interior designers can be a smart decision. It may sound counterintuitive, but for many cases, it is true—hiring an interior decorator does save time and money.

You don’t wanna make an expensive mistake like having to paint and buy materials several times just to get the color palette right, costing you the hours, money wasted, and of course, the headaches. Interior designers know what and when it needs to be done, saving you on time you would otherwise spend figuring out, while having to work on a (sometimes tight) budget.

#2 – Your own personal space

“Understanding the person or people living in a home is a far greater need in design than focusing purely on the aesthetics.”

― Amanda Talbot

Contrary to popular belief, interior designers do strive to make your space, well, you. They work with you, study you, your lifestyle, and personality, and only until then will they start designing your space. Professional decorators strive to create an incredible yet comfortable space that is an extension of yourself.

#3 – Look at your place through a professional’s eyes

There are things you’re bound to overlook that only can be seen through trained eyes. A good interior designer knows how to balance between art and practicality—the science of putting them together—for your home. They would know what you need when you need it.

Experienced decorators already have the contacts and relationships to find you good resources electricians, plumbers and/or contractors—to provide you with a functional, stylish space. And you don’t have to worry much about the tricky bit of having to communicate what you need with architects and contractors. Professional decorators handle all of speaking their language for you and know what interior design issues to bring up with them.

#4 The WOW factor

It is often said that incredible interior design doesn’t happen by chance. A well-designed home. It sounds so simple but it can be so tricky to achieve. Whether a place is too tiny and crowded or large and empty, an expert knows how to miraculously transform any space that homeowners themselves cannot. They are trained to see things and think creatively and spatially to visually alter even the most challenging spaces. They are professionals at creating that wow factor for you!


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