How To Make any Bathroom Feel Luxurious

There’s something about a hotel bathroom that feels decadently luxurious—a feeling that one can experience when they’re away on a vacation. But it doesn’t have to be that way—your bathroom could be a glorious sanctuary, and just incorporate a few simple elements at that. Here are some ways to make your bathroom luxurious like a hotel bathroom.


Use soft textiles

Soft, plush, fancy textiles radiate luxury.

Thick, fluffy towels are the perfect indicators of relaxation—no comfortable bathroom would be complete without the biggest, softest towels to cocoon yourself in post-shower. Get heavy, luxurious towels that you’ll be excited to wrap around yourself after a bath or shower. Hang some curtains or sheer over the windows to soften them. Put a thick bath rug by the sink, shower, and tub so you have something warm to step onto and hang up a big robe. The softer, the better.



There’s a reason why you look amazing in hotel bathroom mirrors, and it’s all due to lighting. Hotel bathrooms always have soft lighting that is easy on the eyes. To capture this relaxing ambience in your bathroom, install a dimmer when you want to create a more calm atmosphere and a modern take on mood lighting. Evenly light bathroom mirrors on either side to minimize shadows (rectangular wall lamps or hanging brass bulbs makes for a perfect stylish option). Recessed LED lights hidden in alcoves or behind opaque bath panels are great for a glowy low-lit space. Some candlelight will create a nice glow and fits perfectly after a stressful day.


Appeal to your senses

A luxury hotel spa’s essential oils, scented soaps and multi-layered shampoos will all help to replicate those memories and feelings of relaxation while turning your morning shower routine into a multi sensory experience.

The sense of smell has a big effect on evoking memories of relaxation in a hotel spa. Candles are a great way to achieve that soothing glow and scent ambience. An oil diffuser or some reed sticks could also be used to take advantage of the many benefits of natural oils.


Upgrade your shower head

Replacing the showerhead is one of the easier ways to achieve that new–bathroom feel. A rainfall or massage showerheads help create that calming hotel bathroom-like experience in your shower. This small upgrade doesn’t cost a lot and is easy to install yourself, and you’ll find that taking a shower goes from a need to a want.


Add flowers and greenery

Nature exudes paradise, which is why spas incorporate colors and designs from nature in the form of plants. Whether real or fake, bring some greenery into your bathroom to help your bathroom feel paradise-like. Let luscious ferns and philodendrons trail down from windowsills or hang a bundle of eucalyptus branches from the ceiling. Potted orchids also react well to humid bathrooms with dim light. Some well-placed succulents are also great additions to bring a sense of life and vitality to your bathroom.


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