Why Soft Close Drawers in the Kitchen

Why Soft Close Drawers in the Kitchen

It’s never fun when one of your kids pinch their fingers as they are closing a kitchen drawer. How many of us have been there to do the iconic hip-bump to close the drawers, only to be startled by the sound of the drawer slamming shut?

Luckily for us recent years have brought with us all sorts of innovations in the kitchen. As so often is the case everyone takes them for granted but when faced with their absence, they ponder how we ever got along without them. Such is the case of soft close hinges and drawer slides. Soft close cupboards might seem like a luxury, but once you’ve experienced them, you can never look back.

What are soft close hinges?

Soft close hinge is a type of hinge that has hydraulic built into them so when you close the cabinet door, the mechanism takes over and eases the door into closing silently. Once the drawer/cabinet is pushed to close, the soft close “catches” the door about 2” to closing and “closes it softly” the rest of the way.

No more banging in the kitchen

Soft close hinges are ingeniously designed and often used in bathroom or kitchen cabinets and drawers. The system allows for drawers and cabinets not to slam shut, but to close softly and silently. Soft close hinges are a great way to reduce noise in your bathroom or kitchen. The accidental slamming of cupboards or drawers can shatter the silence of your home, and let’s face it – life’s noisy enough without the sound of banging drawers.

  • Does someone in your house get up earlier than everyone else and head to the kitchen for breakfast?
  • Do your kids grab themselves cereal before your alarm goes off – grabbing cutleries and food from the cupboards and drawers?
  • Perhaps you have a late night person looking for midnight snacks or anything to chew?

The sound of a slamming door or cupboard can unhinge even the calmest

person. And being woken up by that sound is never ideal.

With soft close, you won’t have to worry about the banging or rattling of plates again.

Maximize space

Another advantage of soft close drawers is that they allow the drawer to be fully extended without the risk of pulling it out completely.

This means you can use and access all of the drawer boxes. So no more kneeling down and stretching to find utensils hiding right at the back of the drawer where you can’t see them. Plus you’ll have no more accidents where the drawer is pulled clean off its runners by the kids (or grown-ups for that matter).

Soft close will make you swoon

Drawer runners and cupboard hinges have come a long way since we’ve been installing kitchens. And while we want you to experience maximum enjoyment from your beautiful new kitchen, it’s also a good selling point should you ever decide to sell your home. We like to think that soft close drawers and doors not only bring a little peace in the kitchen, but they also offer peace-of-mind.

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