Minimalist Furniture is More than a Design Concept – It’s a Lifestyle

You may wonder why the minimalism concept became a trend and might think that it is just for their aesthetic preference. Believe me or not, minimalism is more than a design concept. It is not what you think it is only about using or owning what you need. Minimalism improved the unhealthy habits and life of many.

If you are curious about how minimalism became a popular design choice, and you are searching for the perfect design for your own home that will elevate your lifestyle, this article is perfect for you! Here are some reasons why you should consider embracing minimalism as a furniture concept for your home, especially here in the Philippines.

Minimalist Furniture Idea in the Philippines
Photograph by Sean Litchfield

Minimalism is a Stress Reliever

Living in the city can be stressful. Just thinking about waking up early in the morning, the heavy traffic, and the other daily struggles that you may to encounter daily is tiring. Your home is the place where you will rest. Having a minimalist interior design can give you peace of mind and is said to give you emotional stability. The soft colors and neat design that is hard to find outdoors and will alleviate your stress from your exhausting day. Having your own space desig

Minimal Furniture and Things is Easier to Clean

Compared to other interior designs, minimalist furniture styles are easier to clean because your house will only be composed of a few items. Having simple and minimal decorations can already liven up your living room!

Limiting the items in your house means lesser cleaning time and more reserved energy until the end of the day. Minimalist styles are less prone to dust This is perfect for students and workaholics that spend a lot of time on their projects so they can have more time and mood

Productivity is Increased with a Minimalist Room

Having the simplest essential furniture and room decoration can improve your mental state. A cluttered interior can be a distraction if you are someone like me, who is sensitive to my working environment. With the area looking clean and organized, your mind can focus on the tasks that should be accomplished, not on the cleaning that you need to do. 

Fewer Expenditures

Minimalist designs require you to spend less money because you will only need to purchase your home essentials. The interesting part of minimalist designs is that simple can look elegant with the right choice of design and furniture combination. It does not need other unnecessary decorations which is an extra expense.

Minimalist Furniture Idea in the Philippines
Photograph by Tamara Flanagan

Tips on how to start a minimalist-inspired home:

1. Declutter your stuff – A lot of items from your home might not been touched for years. For sure it only collects dust and dirt.

2. Only buy what is necessary – To avoid room clutter, save time and money

3. Choose timeless minimalist designs – Invest in furniture designs that will never go out of style!

4. Try closed storage – Not all items are meant for display. Proper storage boxes for shelfs, drawers, or cabinets can help you organize your things. Also consider having customized furniture, perfect for your space!

5. Conceptualize your home -Picture your ideal minimalist design and bring it to reality.

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