Dunbrae Furniture Concepts is offering World Class Quality Space Management Design and Storage Solutions. We are passionate in revolutionizing the Landscape of Furniture and Joinery Making in the Philippines. Our aim is to uplift the local Interior Architecture Standards by creating an Enhanced, Functional and Comfortable Interior Environment through our Fully Customized Modular Cabinets, Joinery and Furniture pieces that is uniquely tailored per client needs and specification.

We take pride in building valuable relationships and trust within the team, suppliers, partners and customers.

Why Choose Us


We are using PHYTA 3D CAD SYSTEM, the most advanced 3D CAD system made in Germany, as a tool for designing our Customized Modular Cabinets, Joineries and Furniture pieces. This software is a universal 3D cad system that provides complete freedom to model any shape. Furthermore, it has a new powerful smart parametric function that will allow to modify designs effortlessly in seconds.


We are using the most advanced CNC Machines for the Fabrication of Customized Modular Cabinets, Furniture and Joineries. Both our Tekcel and Morbidelli Machines from Australia and Italy will eliminate any human errors and will perform significantly quicker than any person could cut using typical carpentry cutting machines and tools.


We are very particular with hardware and board materials for our Customized Modular Cabinets, Furniture and Joineries. We strictly follow Australian standards in terms of material selection. We only use high moisture resistant boards that is free from any carcinogenic agent. We also offer PVC foam board, a type of material that is 10x more durable than wood. Its light weight, flexible to any finish, water-resistant and fire-resistant. In terms of mechanism, we only use Titus Tekform Brand, a high quality hardware company based in Australia.


Our Fully Customized Modular Cabinets and Furniture Pieces is complying with Australian Standards and Regulations in terms of Construction Methodology. We make sure that every part of the joinery is fabricated and installed properly. All of our cabinets are made with 16mm carcass; 18mm side panels; 25mm table top. Also we only use soft closing hardware as a standard.
© 2019 Dunbrae Furniture Concepts – All Rights Reserved

© 2019 Dunbrae Furniture Concepts – All Rights Reserved