PVC Foam Plus​

Dunbrae Furniture Concepts​

High Moisture Resistant E0 boards and PVC Plus​

Dunbrae Furniture Concepts believes in promoting High Quality Cabinets and Furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. The climate of the Philippines is tropical and maritime. There is high temperature and humidity with abundant rainfall. Hence, We offer as standard to our customers E0 High Moisture Resistant Particle and MDF Boards (E0 represents the lowest level of Formaldehyde emissions available in the market), however for those customers looking for the next level in durability and performance We also offer our range of PVC Foam Plus Boards. The benefits of PVC Foam Plus board is featured below.

E0 High Moisture Resistant PB

E0 High Moisture Resistant MDF
PVC Foam Plus

Here at Dunbrae Furniture Concepts we are committed to offer solutions that advocates value for money and overall health and well-being.